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RDR Diploma

Diploma in Financial Planning

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements in respect of entering for any of the units which count towards the diploma.

However, the Diploma in Financial Planning will only be awarded where you hold the Certificate in Financial Planning, or equivalent (such as FPC, CeFA or Investment Advice Certificate).

Completion requirements

To complete the Diploma you need to:

·          Accumulate a minimum of 140 credits.

·          At least 80 credits must be at Diploma level (units J01–J07 and R01–R04 and R06). The following can also counttowards this requirement:

·          Advanced Diploma level credits from withdrawn AFPC units;

·          One Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning unit (AF1-AF5) ora maximum of 30 non-specific Advanced Diploma credits.

·          The remaining 60 credits must come from any of the examinations offered within the CII financial services qualifications framework, as listed below, or comparable
offered by other awarding bodies.


Credits awarded for commonly held financial planning qualifications include

Credits awarded for commonly held financial planning qualifications include:


Credits and level

Certificate in Financial Planning

70 – Certificate

Financial Planning Certificate
(1994 scheme – including unit FP3)

50 – Certificate

Financial Planning Certificate
(pre-1994 scheme – excluding unit FP3)

32 – Certificate

The following units are available:


Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning units

Credits and level

(R01) Financial services, regulation and ethics

20 – Diploma

(R02) Investment principles & risk

20 – Diploma

(R03) Personal taxation

10– Diploma

(R04) Pensions and retirement planning

10– Diploma

(R05) Financial protection

10– Certificate

(R06) Financial planning practice

30– Diploma


Diploma in Financial Planning units

Credits and level


Personal tax

20 per unit – Diploma





The tax and legal aspects of business



Pension funding options



Pension income options



Investment principles, markets and environment



Supervision in a regulated environment


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